Happy to Be Healing from a Horseback Riding Injury

I didn’t think about San Jose chiropractors when I took a dangerous tumble from a horse recently, but they soon enough became very important to my healing process. I’ve been riding horses for decades, ever since I was a little girl growing up here in California, and I can safely say I’ve never had any serious accidents while riding them. I’ve known some great horses over the years and none of them did anything to hurt me. Maybe I just got lucky. Anyway, recently I did get thrown from a horse while riding a trail in the area.

I really hit the ground hard, but bounced right back up and got right back into the saddle. That is what you have to do or else the animal wins and you’ll never ride again. Just getting back to the ranch was a real struggle because I could tell I hurt my back badly. Each clop of the hoof really sent the pain coursing through my back. It was difficult to breathe because of the pain. I preserved and my husband took me right from the ranch to the emergency room. He wanted to make sure I didn’t damage my spine or break ribs.

Sadly I got a clear bill of health from the emergency room. They gave me some pain pills, said nothing is broken, and sent me home. That is when I decided to see a chiropractor. My sister has had some success with them so I decided to go in. All I can say is that I’m glad I made that visit. The chiropractor used various techniques to really loosen up my back and the pain just drained out of my body. I easily walked out of the office and to the car, which was the opposite of how I came into his office. They definitely worked a miracle on my back.